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    wetsand4caster says:

    "I think a lot of people who are saying this idea of starting over is stupid are missing the point. davidf3838 you seem to get it... The current format is fairly corrupt with the ASP having no real control over anything. An updated system run more like Formula One, Tennis, Golf, etc. would benefit the competitiveness of the sport. The biggest selling out point currently is how the industry giants control the media as well as the players. This playing field needs to be evened out a bit. By creating a governing body that has media rights, and ultimately more control on location and format, we develop a more elite group of professional surfers naturally. No longer will we have non competing wild cards, and different formats for different contests. The tour will be more uniform, and thus more competitive. Finally the industry will be put back in its place, and the big 4 giants will be restrained a bit; limiting their assets to their own athletes rather than events and media coverage of their athletes."

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    clarksurfarthawaii says:

    "Yes indeed...Purist outrage,silly rabbits, Simple fact of the matter is; there are reality shows that pay no-talent idiots to whine, and people watch that crap. for some reason. Golf has the Skins Game. why not Surf whats the BIG DEAL? We just watched the talent surf HB for a 100k, There should be more for the worlds BEST Surfers! Aloha, CT"

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    clarksurfarthawaii says:

    "Poetry in Momo...."

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  • Sea Of Darkness

    Mailbu International Film Festival

    Sea Of Darkness

    (90m, U S A)

    dir. by Michael Oblowitz

    Time: 1970's. Place: the Indonesian coast. For a small group of
    thrill-seekers, surfing was an addiction, an attitude, and way of life
    -- one that sometimes was seen through the lens of psychedelics. In SEA
    OF DARKNESS, a group of ragtag surfers coast from high tide to high
    risk led by man shrouded in mystery of near-mythical proportions. As
    they balance their thirst for the perfect pipeline with the dangerous
    risk/reward of smuggling illegal drugs and other illicit items across
    the South Pacific. Though it's a tale almost too wild for fiction, SEA
    OF DARKNESS recaptures the life and attitude of this wild '70s surfing
    culture. Bolstered by interviews with those who got their thrills and
    lived to tell the tale, director Michael Oblowitz recaptures how
    passion gave way to persecution and how romance was ultimately defeated
    by reality. The nearly inconceivable story of these young surfers will
    connect with the adventurer in us all, but it also makes us reflect
    upon how much people will truly risk to hang on to what they love.

    Screening tonight@

    Special Presentation

    Sea Of Darkness

    Ocean Avenue Screen Room

    1401 Ocean Avenue

    Santa Monica, CA 90401


    Channels: Surf

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