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    Name:Ambrieana k.
    Nickname:Ambrie or Kripple
    Lives In:Arizona
    Birthday:March 1, 1995
    Heroes:Rob Dyrdek! how is this guy not your hero =D
    Music:Screamo,Metal,Alternative, and i like just a little country and rap...it depends
    Movies:juno, Batman the Dark Night, uhhh idk
    Shows:Ridiculousness,Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory, Punk'D, Nitro Circus, 16 and prego
    Interests:i love playing my keyboard/Piano and i love drawing <3 i wish to become an artist one day... uhh i started Skating in 3rd grade stopped in 5th then started back up in 8th grade.. dont skate that much but yea..=}
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