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    Lives In:720 meadow ln
    los alamos, New Mexico
    United States
    Birthday:February 8, 1986
    Music:i like all music mostly heavy meatal and rock..
    Movies:i like all movies my favriote is horror movies
    Shows:breaking bad, intervention, and adultswim..
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    i'm 23, I love skateboarding.!!! skateing it's my life. i like listening to all music. mostly heavy metal. i like art. photography, black and white. i like graffiti.and i value life because its the only one you have so..i make the best of it no matter my circumstances. also, i like to play videogames.. and i like working when i have a job.. im a very honest person i speak my mind always.. im the person that will tell you your acting stupid. straight up!!! im not the most succesful person in the world but who is?? i've been in trouble with the law before, mostly for stupid shit. done some time. I like hanging out with people but some people are just fucking retareded. like people that try to be something they're not, cant stand fake ass motherfuckers. you got's to be real with yourself and every thing u do. cus if your not than you just playing yourself! i dont got time 4 that shit. im a very nice guy...until you cross me.. thats cheating, or fucking with my family. then i'll let your ass go... and if u want to know more about me just write me its not that hard. i talk to all my friends not because i need to, but because i care...

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