Cliff jump gone wrong guy (sorta) redeems himself with hotel pool jump

Remember YouTube user YouTube user ig: 8Booth, who recently exhibited properly how not to do a cliff jump? Well, he’s redeemed himself a little bit after that scare (sorta).

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While he sneaks into this Laguna Beach hotel, we certainly do not condone that. He scurries up to the fourth floor balcony and terrifying plummets to the pool. He does so this time without narrowly killing himself. But this apparently wasn’t his first Laguna Beach hotel pool plummet, as this new video was dubbed ‘2’.

‘Laguna Pool Drop’ the first edition features ig: 8Booth, who is also on Instagram as @8booth, already in this Laguna Beach hotel. But the caveat here is that there’s someone in the pool when he takes the plunge.

My oh my

A photo posted by Loose Lips Sink Ships-booth (@8booth) on

Browsing through his Instagram and YouTube, it’s clear that this secretive cliff/hotel pool diving is kinda his thing. More power to him for that, but we don’t quite condone doing so illegally (if he is). But glad to see he’s got himself a little redemption here after that cringe-worthy El Morro cliff jump.

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