Coyote spotted on bar’s roof in Queens

Coyote image is courtesy of Caitlin Cahill, via the New York Post

Coyotes are rarely encountered in big cities, so when one of the canine predators was spotted roaming the roof of a bar on Monday in Queens, New York, people became very curious.

"Maybe it was thirsty," wrote Doyle Murphy of the New York Post.

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"I think it's a first for most of us," Laura Supper says in the CBS video news report that accompanies this post. "There's not too many coyotes here in New York, but as they say, anything is possible."

The coyote was first spotted by tenants with views of the L.I.C. Bar in Long Island City. It scampered back and forth, and gazed curiously at tenants.

Coyote plots escape through an open window; video screen grab

Some reports questioned whether it was, in fact, a coyote, and not a dog.

But it looked like a coyote, moved like a coyote, and acted like a coyote when it eluded police by scampering along a ledge to another roof and jumping through an open window.

"He's still at large," Brian Porter, the bar owner, told the New York Post.

Porter added that he believes the coyote lives in a vacant building next door, and gained access to the bar's roof via another open window.

Coincidentally, one of the musicians for a jazz quartet with a gig at the bar on Monday night is named Coyote Anderson.

"We couldn't be blessed with a better omen," he told CBS News anchor Weijia Jiang.

Animal control workers planned to try to capture the animal this week.

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