This skateboarding cat shreds harder than you

When Didga, the skateboarding cat, dropped her first, tech-heavy street edit last year, the skate Illuminati asked, “Is this feline the nine-lived Rodney Mullen?” Now, 15 months later, Didga recently released her new part and the video proves she's been putting a lot of time in at the skatepark. It’s so good, she should probably be a member of the most legendary crew in all of skateboarding.

10 reasons Didga should be the new Lord of Dogtown

  1. Always lands on her feet.
  2. She's bringing back the hippie jump.
  3. Already rocks the tiger print with punk aplomb and would look great in the traditional blue Vans.
  4. She loves the green* as much as Alva does.
  5. Likes chilling so hard (see above) that she's currently working on a sponsor-me tape for a reclining chair company. Her new moniker? Lay-Z-Girl.
  6. Super stealth, and since she can slip under most gates and fences, she's perfect for scouting out empty pools.
  7. Aggro style of Jay Adams (RIP).
  8. Grace and good nature of a young Stacy P.
  9. She still yowls when she’s in heat, just like every last Z Boy did decades ago.
  10. Tony Hawk sweats her; the Bones Brigade alum already threw down some hashtag props: #FakieFeline and #NeuteredGnar

*Didga’s killer kind is 'nip.

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