Weekend inspiration: “Diner En Blanc” trailer

Sometimes I just need to escape my little bubble, if only for a moment. It’s often in these admittedly self-deprecating moments, when I’m fleeing my own reality, that I stumble upon something inspirational happening in someone else’s. Today was that sort of day, and I’m happy to report that I did in fact find something inspired to share!

Image courtesy of Diner en Blanc
Image courtesy of Diner en Blanc

Documentary filmmaker Jennifer Ash Rudick has uncovered a secret group that has been organizing a Paris based flash-mob dinner party for 24 years! A dinner that began with 200 people has grown to include 13,000 (can you imagine!) friends of friends.

It works like this: Every June in Paris, the invited dress in white and converge at a secret location for the Diner en Blanc. Within the span of 15 minutes, 4,000 tables are positioned with crystal and specialty fare. The invitees eat, drink, and dance until midnight, at which point they make a swift return from whence they came. Inspired? It sounds like a fairytale that we should all have a chance at experiencing, even if only through the eyes of a filmmaker.