1031/Landshark Wheels Press Release


Donovan Rice on 1031 and Landshark Wheels

“Donovan Rice is on 1031 and Landshark wheels! Is that enough of a press release? Oh I guess I have to write a bunch of boring crap to try and hype this up. I guess thats how everyone else does it. Anyways, Yeah he’s on. Too bad for him! Good for us though, he cooks us steak dinners at 2 am when we are on tour! Its like having our own personal chef. Donovan is originally from Milwaukee but now lives right next door to Burnside up in Portland Oregon. He like apples and wearing winter clothes in the middle of summer. This is so lame, you dont even care anyways. Get Bent!”
– Kristian Svitak

Chad Knight nearly looses an eye!

Thats right Chad Knight almost took his eye out skating Friday night. Here is the story from Chad himself…

“On friday night I was filming at Syndrome for my “FKD rider of the week” segment in aug. I fell on a ledge that runs next to a square railing, spun around and impaled my face into the end of the rail. I have an orbital fracture and 18 stitches. This sometimes requires surgery, to rebuild the floor of the eye socket, if the eyeball sinks in 2mm or if vision hasn’t returned to normal in 2 weeks. Mine is already about 70%, which is reassuring. The left half of my face is still completely numb though.

I attached some pictures so you can better understand the injury (one diagram is a before, the other, an after with the orbital bone broken and the optical nerve and muscle impacted into the sinus below. Same with my CAT scan). If i had had my head angled an inch lower I would have lost my eye. I got fucking lucky with this one.”
– Chad Knight