12/2/11 Weekly Review

Well I sort of slacked on the last two weeks, so I guess this is about as Weekly as Bradford’s film blog is Daily, but here we are again for another whirl. Just kidding John.

In newsish news, Emerica is already hard at work on a new video So far Leonard Romero, Collin Provost, Brandon Westgate and Trevor Colden are slated to have parts. We got an article coming out in the next issue that goes more in depth about the project, so stay tuned for that.

After his hard work with the Shake Junt video, Shane Heyl is now pro for Baker. Flip welcomed Alec Majerus to the team while Thunder Trucks added the Millers to the team. That’s Combi killer Chris Miller and his son Zach. Trevor Colden is also now getting free bags from Dakine.

Alien Workshop blessed us with another Life Splicing edit, this time with Virginia based Gilbert Crockett zipping around some urban outdoor areas with big snaps and sick tricks from Pittsburgh, to VA. It’s got that classic Workshop video vibe, but in more of a condensed shot to get you buzzed and back in the streets swerving away from a beeping Toyota 4 Runner and hopping up and down curbs to get at ledges and stairs. Hopefully, after the Nick Boserio LS and now Gilbert’s, they keep this vibe of straight to the point skate clips coming, because I for one am psyched on them.

Perhaps taking a cue from Stereo and their Vinyl Cruisers, Globe came out with their Bantam Cruisers and a pretty killer video complete with some attractive females peppered around the Pink Pool while some faceless and funny dressed fellas carve over the light to pique your interest on a new line of cruiser boards.

Sex still sells, but you still can’t sell sex. I can’t anyway. I’ve tried.

Pat O’dell released the first episode of the much anticipated Menace Skateboards Epicly Later’d series, a team which he describes as the NWA of skateboarding. Unfortunately there’s not going to be any Kareem Campbell appearances, but what can you do? He’s a hard dude to get in touch with.

Definitely worth a watch for a little skate history on the formation of the team, Lockwood stories and some other random fodder for skate nerd fapping.

Here’s a Kareem Day in the Life from many moons ago just for the hell of it:

Thunder Chris Miller Lizard 149 Lights from dlxsf on Vimeo.

Deluxe started their end of the year countdown for December and will be having new content from the past year posted every day. So far they got the Real team in North Cacka and Tom Asta showcasing his kickflip crook skills.

Element has behind the scenes footage from Nyjah’s Rise and Shine part going up every Friday this month, the first one is up HERE and talks about slamming in Costa Rica on a big ol hamrail.

Shake Junt’s Chickenbonenowison DVD is in finer skate shops near you. We got a copy at the office yesterday and had an inter office premiere. The big junts and random nudity and drug use keep the video spicy, though with parts from Neen, Herm Dog, Green Room, Theotis, Goat, Dollin and more, it’s plenty spicy as it is. Dollin’s part, as always, is fucking gnarly.

Our contributor, Chris Nieratko is now on Twitter. He is now also fixed, as in he can no longer reproduce. For more on that tale, check out his stories of snipping his vas deferens HERE and going back for his check up after the fact with a paper bag of his zapped baby batter HERE. That second one is not for the faint of heart.