Check out the 13th Annual Newport Beach Film Festival which is showcasing many action spots movies from April 26th – May 3rd. Get out the line up and get yourself a ticket!

Newport Beach, Calif. – April 11, 2012 – The Newport Beach Film Festival (NBFF) proudly announces its 2012 Action Sports Film Series (ASFS), an international showcase of films celebrating athletes, visionaries, filmmakers, cinematographers, pioneers, environmentalists, entrepreneurs, artists and designers who have shaped the action sports culture and cultivated its progression with their innovation, energy and creativity. Emerging on the forefront as the largest action sports cinema event in the nation, the NBFF Action Sports Film Series will take place during the week of the Newport Beach Film Festival (April 26 – May 3, 2012) in Orange County, CA, a location celebrated as the epicenter of the surf wear and action gear industry and the ultimate destination to experience music infused cutting-edge adventure on the big screen. Films will screen at Island Cinema (999 Newport Center Drive in Newport Beach), Triangle Square (1870 Harbor Boulevard in Costa Mesa) and at the Regency Lido Theatre (3459 Via Lido Drive in Newport Beach).

The Festival is proud to welcome WAX, Red Bull, Daphne’s California Greek as sponsors of the 2012 Action Sports Film Series. Co-produced by the Newport Beach Film Festival and Orange County-based ChopShop, with support by SKATEBOARDER Magazine, SURFING Magazine, Blue C Advertising and Concept 73, the NBFF Action Sports Film Series will spotlight nineteen (19) films from around the world. The Action Sports Film Series offers filmgoers an opportunity to experience breathtaking cinematography on the big screen, fascinating cultural journeys, in-depth portrayals and compelling stories that explore the physical, emotional, historical and spiritual realms of surfing, stand up paddle surfing (SUP), paddle boarding, skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding, motocross and other extreme sports. Highlights include red carpet film premieres, spotlight screenings, post-parties, filmmaker panels, athlete guest appearances, autograph signings and the participation of action sports industry leaders.

On Saturday, April 28 at 6:15pm at Regency Lido Theatre, the NBFF will host its Action Sports Spotlight featuring the World Premiere screening of Decade of Dominance. Directed by local Orange County filmmaker Brent Deal, Decade of Dominance follows paddle board champion Jamie Mitchell on his quest for his tenth consecutive World Championship title, paddling across the 32-mile Ka’iwi Channel, or ‘Channel of Bones’ from Molokai to Oahu. Following the screening, the NBFF will host its Saturday Night Showcase Party presented by Locale Magazine at Equinox (1980 Main Street in Irvine) with entertainment, delicious cuisine by Daphne’s California Greek and hosted bars by Absolut and Stella Artois.

On Sunday, April 29 at 6:00pm at Regency Lido Theatre, the Festival will present the World Premiere of H2indO, an exciting journey with seven of the world’s greatest stand up paddlers as they travel to Indonesia to paddle its most famous surf breaks and share a compelling inside look at the world’s fastest growing sport. Directed by OC local Brent Deal, H2indO features SUP athletes Dave Kalama, Connor Baxter, Chuck Patterson, Slater Trout, Talia Gangini, Dave Boehne and Jamie Mitchell.

The Festival will host the World Premiere of Soren Johnstone’s new skateboard road trip documentary Hicks on Sticks. The film follows four skaters Josh Evin, Eugene Voykin, Mike Evans, and Shane Wallace and two music bands on an 1800-mile tour through Western Canada with a 5,000-pound portable skateboard park. The NBFF will present the World Premiere of Jon Freeman’s Crusty 16 – Outback Attack. The film takes FMX adventures to the extreme, following the Crusty boys as they travel down under to the Australian outback. Also making its World Premiere at NBFF, Man and Machine, directed by Jeff Pakosta, captures the insane adrenaline charged challenges of the world of Extreme Enduro competition.

Surf films in the lineup include Markus Davids’ Boardroom chronicles the history of surfboard creators; Doug Walker’s Lost & Found tells the stories behind surf photographs unearthed at a flea market; Pierce Kavanagh’s Manufacturing Stoke explores sustainability in the surf industry: Stacked spotlights the Quiksilver Pro Championship with Balaram Stack and Kelly Slater in Long Island, NY; René Eckert’s Surfing the Wild East takes us on a three-week adventure through the Caucasus Eurasia to surf the Caspian Sea.

Celebrating the creative soul and invigorating thrills of skateboarding on the big screen, the Festival will present Philip Evans’ Format Perspective spotlighting six European skate photographers; Marc McCrudden’s Drop journeys into the mesmerizing world of Downhill Skateboarding and Longboard Free-riding; A Day at the Pool, directed by Ian Douglass and Eric Fulford, attempts to uncover the true origins of modern skateboarding through interviews with the original Dogtown crew.

The Action Sports Film Series will spotlight an eclectic collection of films exploring the realms of skiing, snowboarding and other extreme winter sports. The Art of Flight, directed by Curt Morgan, follows snowboarder Travis Rice and friends as they travel around the world to conquer unexplored high altitude wilderness with pure adrenaline, redefining what is possible; Dave Mossop and Eric Crosland’s cinematography masterpiece All.I.Can channels the energy and passion of global mountain ski culture towards a more sustainable future; The Ordinary Skier, directed by Constantine Papanicolaou, chronicles Seth Morrison’s journey from misfit to one of skiing’s iconic heroes and explores the underground ski-bum subculture that would eventually become Freeskiing; Wyoming Triumph – a workingman’s ski and snowboard feature, directed by Chris Kitchen and Sam Pope, journeys into the rugged and remote depths of Wyoming’s wilderness for an incredible ski adventure.

“With the unveiling of exciting premieres of new films celebrating stand up paddling (SUP) and paddle boarding, a host of breakout filmmakers on the roster and an eclectic, international film program, loaded with extraordinary athleticism, captivating stories and imagery, (plus a slice of history), the 2012 lineup truly captures the spirit of progression, innovation and the art of action sports filmmaking,” stated Leslie Feibleman, NBFF’s Director of Special Programs/Action Sports Film Series.

The 2012 Action Sports Film Series Pass is available for $75 and offers filmgoers an opportunity to enjoy all 19 films in the series. Tickets to individual screenings are $12. Tickets to the Saturday Night Showcase party at Equinox are $25 (21 & over). For tickets, passes, schedule, full synopses and trailers visit www.nbffACTION.com or www.NewportBeachFilmFest.com

All.I.Can (2011, USA, 72 minutes) Directed by Dave Mossop, Eric Crosland Featuring: Callum Pettit, Chris Rubens, Eric Hjorleifson, Ingrid Backstrom, James Heim, JP Auclair, Kye Petersen, Lynsey Dyer, Mark Abma, Rory Bushfield Over the course of a two-year quest, documentarians hope to channel the energy born from their passions towards being green, sustainable and exhibiting forward thinking. This film strives to unite global mountain culture and bind us together as the leaders of a revolution. We must be inspired to do all we can for the environment, and we must learn how to take that first tiny step in the right direction. Wednesday – 5/2 – 3:45pm – Triangle Square

The Art of Flight (2011, USA, 80 minutes) Directed by Curt Morgan Featuring: Travis Rice, Mark Landvik, John Jackson, Scotty Lago, Nicolas Muller, Eero Niemela, Jeremy Jones, David Carrier-Porcheron, Mark McMorris, Jake Blauvelt, Pat Moore Equal parts action and adventure mixed with the inevitable drama encountered along the way. Iconic snowboarder Travis Rice and friends redefine what is possible in the mountains. Experience the highs, as new tricks are landed and new zones opened, alongside the lows, where avalanches, accidents and wrong-turns strike. Viewers are immersed in the sometimes successful, often trying quest to open up new, unexplored mountains in remote corners of the world. Sunday – 4/29 – 12:30pm – Triangle Square
Boardroom (2012, USA, 84 minutes) Directed by Markus Davids Featuring: Greg Noll, Bing Copeland, Renny Yater, Hap Jacobs, Donald Takayama, Rich Harbour, Gordon Clark, Terry Martin, Harold Walker, Dick Brewer, Harold Iggy, Mike Eaton, Larry Gordon, Robert August, Mike Hynson, Dick Metz, Mickey Munoz, Bob Bolen, Carl Ekstrom, Bill Stewart, Bruce Jones, Dave Sweet Before the growth of big corporations and surf culture, a handful of pioneers built wooden surfboards in their garages. Unknowingly, they would eventually come to develop a lifestyle popularized all over the world. This documentary is an exploration of the humble beginnings of surfboard manufacturing and how the passion of these creators has come to popularize the sport and lifestyle around the world. Thursday – 5/3 – 5:45pm – Triangle Square

Crusty 16 – Outback Attack (2012, USA / Australia, 60 minutes) (World Premiere) Directed by Jon Freeman Featuring: Robbie Maddison, Blake Williams, Jackson Strong, Cameron Sinclaire, Steve Mini, Kain Saul, Matt Schubring The Crusty boys are back at it, going end over end, and over the top – down under! After traveling all around the world and jumping over, in, and through some of the most exotic and coveted locations ever discovered, filmmakers Jon Freeman and Dana Nicholson decided to journey to the sandy beaches, red dirt, and laid-back outlook of Australia to capture the ultimate FMX experience! Friday – 4/27 – 7:00pm – Triangle Square

A Day at The Pool (2011, USA, 23 minutes) Directed by Ian Douglass and Eric Fulford Featuring: Duane Peters, Tony Alva, Stacy Peralta, Skip Engblom, Jay Adams, Steve Olson, David Hackett, Ray Flores, Kevin ‘Worm’ Anderson, Carole Shakely, Wentzle Ruml, Craig Stecyk, Benton Shakely, Shane Borland, James M Parkman, Edward Shairb A Day at the Pool is a documentary-style film that attempts to uncover the true origins of modern skateboarding. Interviews with Tony Alva, Stacy Peralta, Jay Adams, Steve Olson, Dave Hackett, Duane Peters and the rest of the Dogtown Crew reveal that an anonymous local kid may have been largely responsible for the skateboarding revolution that lead to their success in the late 70s. Wednesday – 5/2 – 8:15pm – Triangle Square

Decade of Dominance (2012, Australia / USA, 66 minutes) (World Premiere) Directed by Brent Deal Featuring: Jamie Mitchell, Dave Kalama, Justin Skinner, Kelly Slater, Gerry Lopez, Rob Machado Every year the world’s best paddle boarders gather in Hawaii to contest the World Championship of Paddle boarding. To claim the world title the winner must cross one of the world’s most treacherous bodies of water, the 32 mile Ka’iwi channel, aptly named the ‘Channel of Bones’. Since 2002 Jamie Mitchell has made the world title his an incredible nine times. One more victory would cap off a perfect decade of dominance in one of the world’s toughest events. Saturday – 4/28 – 6:15pm – Lido Theatre

Drop (2010, USA, 58 minutes) Directed by Marc McCrudden Featuring: Martin Siegrist, Mischo Erban, Erik Lundberg, Scoot Smith, James Kelly, Louis Pilloni, Kevin Reimer, Brianne Davies, Quinn Dubois, Noah Sakamoto, Zak Maytum A journey into the mesmerizing world of Downhill Skateboarding and Longboard Free-riding, the craziest underground sport in the world. At times you feel like you’re flying down a mountain road with the athletes at over 60 mph. Thursday – 5/3 – 6:00pm – Island Cinema

Format Perspective (2011, Ireland, 63 minutes) Directed by Philip Evans Featuring: Rich Gilligan, Stuart Robinson, Nils Svensson, Sergej Vutuc, Alex Irvine, Bertrand Trichet This documentary is an exploration of the work and life experience of six European skate photographers. The film gives insight to the different approaches used by this diverse line-up of photographers and provides a behind-the-scenes look at the process of skate photography. Wednesday – 5/2 – 8:15pm – Triangle Square

H2indO (2012, USA, 66 minutes) (World Premiere) Directed by Brent Deal Featuring Dave Kalama, Connor Baxter, Chuck Patterson, Slater Trout, Talia Gangini, Dave Boehne, Jamie Mitchell An exciting journey with seven of the world’s greatest stand up paddlers as they travel to Indonesia to paddle its most famous surf breaks. The result is a personal and compelling look at these seven athletes and the world’s fastest growing sport. Sunday – 4/29 – 6:00pm – Lido Theatre

Hicks on Sticks (2012, Canada 115 minutes) (World Premiere) Directed by Soren Johnstone Featuring: Ian Comishin, Josh Evin, Kerry McCall, Rich Ellott, Eugene Voykin, JIm Barnum, Shane Wallace, Sean Colig, Shawn Kavanaugh, Matt Scapilatti, Darren Agnew, Jim Ziemlanski, Kerry Cyr, Ian Roberts, Ben Dunn, Mike Honeyman, Neil MacDonald, Kevin Honeymoon In the summer of 1999, four skateboarders and two bands embarked on a life-changing tour. Yearning to hit the road and inspire kids in rural areas by exposing them to skateboarding and music, they towed a 5,000 pound portable skateboard park behind an old van with failing brakes, traveled 1,800 miles through the mountains of Western Canada, and put on 8 shows in 11 days. Combining footage from the tour with recent interviews, the film spans over a decade in the lives of these young men. Sunday – 4/29 – 7:45pm – Triangle Square

Lost & Found (2011, USA 64 minutes) Directed by Doug Walker Featuring: Aaron Chang, Dan Merkel, Bob Barbour, Bobby Owens, Buttons Kaluhiokalani, Larry Bertleman, Gerry Lopez, Jock Sutherland, Greg Weaver, Rory Russell, Candice Moore Upon discovering 30,000 negatives in three boxes at a flea market in Los Angeles, CA in 2007, filmmaker Doug Walker set out on a four- year journey around the world to track down the stories behind the photographs, reuniting photographers and surfers with some of the best surfing images ever captured. If stories are not told, they are lost. Saturday – 4/28 – 6:00pm – Island Cinema

Man and Machine (2011, USA, 115 minutes) (World Premiere) Directed by Jeff Pakosta Enter the world of Extreme Enduro, where man and machine are pitted against impossible terrain and a ticking clock to find their personal limits and identity. Some race for the podium, some for the challenge, and some to be able to say they compete in one of the toughest races on earth. For them, it’s not about winning, it’s about finishing. Sunday – 4/29 – 3:45pm – Triangle Square

Manufacturing Stoke (2011, USA, 80 minutes) Directed by Pierce Michael Kavanagh Visiting surfing legends and newcomers, filmmakers travel across the California coast while highlighting the surfing community’s shift from petroleum based products to more organic and responsible components. No other sport is as intrinsically linked to nature, so why are a majority of the materials used environmentally toxic? Saturday – 4/28 – 12:00PM – Muth Interpretive Center – FREE

Minds In The Water (2011, USA, 85 minutes) Director: Justin Krumb Featuring: Dave Rastovich, Howie Cooke, Chris Del Moro, Hannah Fraser, Hayden Panettiere This is the story of one surfer’s international efforts to help protect dolphins, whales and their ocean environment. Through pro surfer Dave “Rasta” Rastovich’s charismatic journey, witness an adventure spanning the globe from Australia and the Galapagos Islands to Tonga, Alaska and Japan, and witness first-hand how one surfer’s quest to protect dolphins and whales has blossomed into a movement of like minds. Saturday – 4/28 – 1:45pm – Triangle Square

The Ordinary Skier (2011, USA 77 minutes) Directed by Constantine Papanicolaou Featuring: Seth Morrison, Kye Petersen, Jp Auclair, Nate Wallace, Sean Pettit, Dan Treadway, Pep Fujas, Dave Rosenbarger For Seth Morrison, skiing is much more than a sport or job, it’s a way of life. Through hard work and dedication, Morrison has become one of the best skiers in the world. This film traces his journey from the middle class suburbs of Chicago to the Colorado Rockies and into the underground ski-bum subculture that would eventually become Freeskiing. This is the story of how a collection of misfits turned an elite sport upside down, and how an ordinary kid chased his dream and became one of skiing’s most iconic heroes. Wednesday – 5/2 – 8:15pm – Island Cinema

Stacked (2011,USA 15 minutes) Directed by E.j. Mcleavey-Fisher, Patrick Cummings Featuring: Balaram Stack, Kelly Slater When the Quiksilver Pro surf competition makes an unprecedented stop in the small town of Long Beach, New York, a 20-year-old local surfer must represent his hometown against legendary surfing professionals. Thursday – 5/3 – 6:00PM – Island Cinema

Surfing The Wild East (2012, Bulgaria / Turkey /Azerbaidjan /Germany, 24 minutes) Directed by René Eckert Featuring: Jan Walsh, Perth Handlick, Gary Saavedra In an attempt to expose new surf territory with a fever for adventure and foreign land, a group of professional surfers set out on a three-week adventure through the Caucasus Eurasia to surf the Caspian Sea.
Saturday – 4/28 – 6:00pm – Island Cinema

Winter (2011, USA 90 minutes) Directed by Steve Bellamy Featuring Sarah Burke, Rory Bushfield, Ted Ligety, Simon Dumont, Sean Pettit, Mike Wilson, Melissa Arnot, Karina Hollekim, Ted Davenport, Matt Reardon, Johnny Decesare, Chip Hildebrand, Kris Holm, Kirk Bauer, Steve, Phil & Andy Mahre A variety of mountain sport athletes showcase their daring brand of athleticism in the world’s most amazing landscapes—riding a unicycle on a 2,500-foot cliff with a tire hanging over the edge, ski jumping a 210-foot cliff with a swan dive, climbing Mt. Everest with a broken foot and more. Facing dire consequences for failure, these athletes risk life and limb in a breathtaking exploration of what “extreme” really means. Monday – 4/30 – 7:45pm – Island Cinema

Wyoming Triumph – a workingmans ski and snowboard feature (2011, USA, 52 minutes) Directed by Chris Kitchen, Sam Pope Featuring: Rob Lapier, Trevor Hiatt, Trevor Thomas, Max Hammer, Matt Luczkow, North Parker, Tucker Mead, Hannah Horrigan Journey deep into the mountains of Wyoming with a group of dedicated skiers to explore the treasures of the state with the most rugged, remote landscape in the lower forty-eight states. After two years of scouting the vast terrain of Wyoming for the most unskiable locations, this group ventures into remote mountains where hunting rifles are more popular than skis and take on countless broken bones and close calls on their way to the adventure of a lifetime. Tuesday – 5/1 – 7:00pm – Island Cinema