2008 Wendy’s Invitational Results

Ryan Sheckler is the undefeated Dew Cup champ with back-to-back-to-back wins since the Dew Tour’s debut in 2005, and is starting his way back to the top of the Standings, after a first place finish in Portland; his second win of the season.

Sheckler’s on unfamiliar ground this year, playing catch up to his friend and teammate Paul Rodriguez in the overall standings after a tough fall, elbow injury, and 7th place finish in Cleveland set him back.

No sign of the injury holding him back here in Portland though. He dominated the Skate Park Finals, posting an enormous Run 2 score of 89.50 with huge tricks like a hard flip down the big three-stair set on a street-inspired park course. That score put him way ahead of P-Rod, Greg Lutzka, Curtis Colamonico, Chaz Ortiz, and Austen Seaholm heading into the top-six jam session, where Sheckler got the job done handily.


1) Ryan Sheckler 90.1
2) Paul Rodriguez 87.25
3) Greg Lutzka 86.45
4) Chaz Ortiz 85.7
5) Kurtis Colamonico 83.65
6) Austen Seaholm 79.7
7) Chris Mendes 77.25
8 Danilo do Rosario 76.5
9) The Breeze 75
10) Danny Fuenzalida 71.75


1) Bob Burnquist – 91.25
2) Pierre-Luc Gagnon – 89.75
3) Bucky Lasek – 86.0

In the final moments Bob Burnquist nabbed his first win on the 2008 AST Dew Tour with an extremely technical run punctuated by a switchstance kickflip Indy grab, a trick nearly unheard of in competition.

“With the format here, the best run is the only one that counts and I love it that way,” says Burnquist. “Throughout my career I’ve had countless times where I’m not in good standings up until the final run, and then I’m able to put it together under pressure when the energy is there. I love to just breathe through it and make it happen, and this weekend I was fortunate to have my daughter Lotus on hand to help me find that focus.”

Pierre-Luc Gagnon, Burnquist, and Sandro Dias led the contest coming into the final round, with PLG’s Run 2 score of 89.75 setting the mark and holding strong for 2nd place. Dias improved his score in Run 3 with a nearly flawless run including his signature “gnar jar” 540 to tail tap, but fell on a 900 attempt at the buzzer.

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