The 12 stop of Volcom’s 2008 Wild in the Parks tour hit New Jersey’s Sayreville Skatepark on Saturday August, 23rd!

For one reason or another, we’ve been hearing about the depth of the Jersey scene for some time. This being our first visit for a Wild in the Parks event, we wanted to see if the walk lived up to the talk. Apparently so. It seems the Garden State is a hotbed for thoroughbred skaters. “What exactly constitutes a thoroughbred skater”, you ask?

Other then the obvious benefits of a strong back, firm legs and a shiny coat, Jersey’s rippers live and breathe skateboarding and are some of the most passionate people we’ve seen in a while! With the support of Chris Nieratko and NJ Skateshop, we had a lot of notable Jersey ams come out to throw down at the Wild in the Parks!

The 14 and Under Division get things off and running as both hands on the clock hit 12. This Division was packed so had to be divided into 5 heats! While the Sayreville Skatepark is better known for its tranny, today it was the street section getting all the love. The crowd lined around the entire park to witness the groms getting the job done! All three zones were unmercifully attacked as the kids pulled out all the stops in their quest to claim top honors! After the madness ceased, Liam McCabe nailed down 1st place, 2nd went to Darius Egner and Nick Zuck took 3rd!

The 15 & Over Division kicked down the door next with some seriously impressive skating! While everyone more or less faired well, it was the handiwork of Alex Grimes, Giorgio Villone and Timmie Fulton that turned more then a few heads! From a switch back tail to a monster kickflip to flat, these guys left it all out there in the name of WITP glory! The result was some of the closest scores we’ve seen in quite some time! At the top of the heap was Alex Grimes, closely followed by Timmie Fulton in 2nd and Giorgio Villone in 3rd!

The day had been flying by which meant the Pro-Am Division was upon us before we knew it! While not a huge division, the quality of skating was through the roof! With most of the big guns from NJ Skateshop in attendance, it’s no wonder those two heats will be talked about for awhile! If I had to name a few of the many memorable hammers, I’d start with kickflip feeble, kiickflip back lip, a huuuge backside 360 and kickflip back tail. Insane! At awards shortly thereafter, Bill Marshall claimed 1st, Nico Magales 2nd and the venerable Ron Deily locked down 3rd!

A thank you the size of New Jersey goes out to Chris Nieratko and NJ Skateshop for all their stone support! Thanks also to our judges, Brian Mack, Sergio Lima and Lorena Lima. Thanks also to the Borough of Sayreville for being such gracious hosts. Last but not least, thanks to Electric for stoking the winners with glasses and $50 cash for the Electric “Hype of the Day”!


14 & Under:

1st: Liam McCabe
2nd: Darius Egner
3rd: Nick Zuck
4th: Chris Anderson
5th: Billy Cusa
6th: Eric Burnham
7th: Justin Brown

15 & Over:

1st: Alex Grimes
2nd: Timmie Fulton
3rd: Giorgio Villone
4th: Ralph Schell
5th: Sivan Dor
6th: Collin Underwood
7th: Joe Silva


1st: Bill Marshall
2nd: Nico Magales
3rd: Ron Deily
4th: Dillon Constantine
5th: Leo Heinert
6th: Chris Dziema
7th: Robert Werner

Electric $50 “Hype of the Day”: Nico Magales!

Check out the video HERE.