2012 Quarterly Review: 3rd Quarter

2012 has had a lot of ups and downs. There have been a lot of good videos, board graphics, shoes, contests, web releases and so on, so not to let things become forgotten let’s take a look back on some of the memorable events to have happened up to this point in the year.
—Christian Senrud, Associate Editor

1. Real’s Pushing Series

Real Skateboards Dennis Busenitz Pushing San Francisco from dlxsf on Vimeo.

Real Skateboards had their team head back to the homefront to film some web clips for their new Pushing series. Davis, Hardy, Brock, Brockel, Donnelly, Ernie, and everyone went home to skate the spots they grew up hitting and brought back a little capsule for us all to enjoy on the web. Everyone came through with great footage but Busenitz and Donnelly’s clips were just outrageous. Take a peak at Busenitz’s here then head to http://realskateboards.com/pushing/ for the others and to get psyched to push around where you’re from.

2. Gino’s Noseslide

Internerds got a nice taste of some new Gino Iannucci footage with his SB Court commercial co-starring tennis legend John McEnroe. As always, there wasn’t an overabundance of tricks, but if a noseslide can quell the rage of the Internet, you know whoever’s doing it has something special.

3. Nyjah Won Something Else
It’s been a huge year for this soon to be 18 year old. Pretty much if there was a contest this year that involved jumping down some shit, Nyjah won it. Dew Tour is the latest. 3/4 Street Leagues, Real Street, and on and on. He’s probably working on his manual game right now just so he can add another win with next year’s Manny Mania.

4. The Killing Season

Last year he got a crew to take a boat trip down the Amazon and skate the stops along the way, so in true Jonathan Mehring fashion, this year he got a crew of Keegan Sauder, Joey Pepper, Jerry Hsu, Javier Mendizibal and Michi Machrodt along with independent filmmaker Patrik Wallner together for a motorbike journey down the length of Vietnam. There were spills and near kills and somehow along the grueling trek they managed to survive and find enough spot to skate to come through with our video series, a print article, heaps of photos and instagrams, and hopefully a lot of worthwhile memories. Watch part 1 here and check out the entire series HERE: http://www.skateboardermag.com/the-killing-season/

5. Jordan Maxham Welcome to Warco

Coming basically out of nowhere, Warco welcomed Jordan Maxham to the team with 8.5 minutes of gnarly, technical skating.

6. DNA partners with Anthem/La Jolla, has office in Irvine, CA.

7. I Wanna Riot with You
Skateboarders rioted at the Nike Party for the release of the 511 skateboarding collection at which Trash Talk played a free set, then again at the Bake and Destroy premiere in Long Beach.

8. New Pros

Casey Rigney went pro for Arcade Skateboards and Autobahn released this banger of a video for the announcement. World Industries bumped Timmy Knuth and Derek Fukuhara up to the pro team with the Two Scoops video. Morgan Smith and Kevin Romar are now pro for Blind Skateboards while Steve Durante and Habitat Skateboards parted ways with him landing on the new East Coast upstart brand Politic for whom he turned pro.

9. Politic is a Thing

introducing… from Politic. on Vimeo.

Politic made its presence known with the release of this introductory video a few months ago. East Coast born with graphic influence from classic midwest and east coast skate brands, Politic gripped up Brian Brown as their debut pro along with Steve Durante who they turned pro as well. Curtis Rapp and Jason Spivey are their first ams. It’s a new company but they’ve started strong so we’ll have to see what comes next from Politic.

10. David Gonzalez/ Flip Video

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16 flat 16 rails for a web-only video. David Gonzalez is a beast and, in my mind at least, is the leading contender for Thrasher’s SOTY. This, along with the Flip Weight of the World video were next level and a sure sign that the future is still burning bright. Hats of to David, Flip and Thrasher for those.

11. Chris Troy Part

Not one to rest on his laurels, Chris Troy put out a new video part for free online set to the musical stylings of one Rick Ross. Due to the weight of both Chris’ skating and of the rapper, it was a perfect fit.

12. Roberto Aleman Part

Longtime Consolidated pro and one of Fallen’s European constituent, Roberto Aleman put out a full-length video part for his shoe sponsor of him tearing apart all sorts of rarely seen and hard to skate spots. Definitely worth a re-watch.

13. New Videos Out
Cell Out: Cell phone footage video out of Virginia featuring Gilbert Crockett and some homies. It’s excellent.
This Machine Kills Fascists: THIS MACHINE KILLS FASCISTS’ a film by Kevin O’Dell & Zachary Childers. Featuring skateboarding by Caleb Ocasio, Ty Beall, Jack Beckett, Gilbert Crockett, Kelly O’Brien, Erich Bielefeldt & more, along with thought provoking commentary and imagery. AVAILABLE NOW ON FULL LENGTH DVD FOR $14.99 WITH FREE SHIPPING!!!
Stop Fakin’ 2 The Stop Fakin’ sequel out of the Washington DC area featuring parts from Bobby Worrest, Mike Mascelli, Brian Douglas and more
Lo Fi: Brad Cromer, Joey Ragali and some Florida homies
Escapist Skateboarding – Red and Yellow: Kansas City’s finest skateshop put together a video of their team featuring Ryan Pearce, Sean Malto, J Love and more hitting some spots you’ve probably never seen before. Went to the premiere and it was awesome.
Daylando: Another independent video out of Florida by TJ Gaskill. You can watch Toy Machine flowbot, Blake Carpenter’s, part HERE, which should ensure you the video’s worth checking out.

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