2nd Nature New York Interview

2nd Nature
Interview with “Smits” from 2nd Nature New York
Interview by: Tim Martinez

Tell us a bit about the history of 2nd nature. How did the shop come about?
We needed a core shop in Westchester after our old fave shut down do to some lease problems.

I hear the team is pretty solid. Who’s on the squad?
The team is tight as hell we got Doug & Brian Brown, Jose Pereyra, Jake
DeVvries, Dylan James, Jay Isolini & Steve Marino

How has 2nd Nature established itself in the local skate community?
It gave everyone a real shop to go to; where you could meet up with people to go skate or just chill.

You’ve been very central to all creative elements revolving around the shop from logos to apparel design and more. How did you get involved with 2nd Nature?
I was just hangin’ with the heads from back in the day when they signed the lease. I was lending a hand with some of the labor that was going down.

Have you designed for other stores or brands in the skate industry?
I did some work with Listen skateboards.

Skateboarding has always been very art and music centric, producing tons of artists in many different disciplines over the years. Do you feel that skateboarding is still producing artists?
Skating is an art form in itself, but more than ever there’s a lot of
collabs between the artist and skate companies. To me its very influencial.

As a recent east coast transplant what are the major differences you’ve noticed in attitudes amongst skaters from the west vs east coast?
Not any that I see…

Do you feel that the “Skate Shop” plays an important role in skateboard culture?
Totally, core shops give back so much to the skate community.

As a veteran in the skate and art worlds how do you feel things have changed from when you were coming up through the ranks?
Skating has just gotten so insane now. With art people just progress in a different manner with technique.

I know you’ve been a tattoo artist for many years. Do you see any similarities between skateboarding and tattooing?
Just the fact that they’re both hard as hell in the beginning and no
matter how good you are you never stop learning on a daily basis.

What is one thing you want the skateboard community to know about 2nd Nature?
It’s the best damn shop ever much love for all the Nature heads.