60 Seconds: Josh Kalis

Three things keeping you in Michigan?
My house, my daughter and my wife.

Last time you paid a ticket?
Speeding, three weeks ago. It was a big one, but the cop gave me a break and it ended up not being so bad.

What music got you psyched in the Toy Machine days, and what gets you hyped now?

Ice Cube or Cypress Hill got me psyched back in the day, and now maybe Black Sabbath or The White Stripes.

Who is the most fun person to tour with on the Sovereign Sect?

I’m gonna have to say Dyrdek ’cause that dude always has funny stories and funny shit to say.

Who is a Midwest skater on the come up?
Eugene Williams (a.k.a., Neen).

If you could race anyone in any of your cars, who would you choose?
Well, there isn’t a car that I know of that’s faster than my new one. I had the Porsche, but now I have a 1,000 horsepower M-5, so I don’t even have to race anymore.

What’s one of the most surprising things you learned when you became a father?

Managing your finances is important.

What makes you uncomfortable?


What would your wife say your greatest flaw is?

She thinks I’m flawless. Or maybe she gets upset that I’m always late.

What would it take for Josh Kalis to throw a trick down El Toro?

A retirement package.