A Flood Preventing Skate Park

There’s no denying that skateboarders feel at home while riding in ditches and drainage systems. Those are our roots and nothing beats a long windy ride down a seemingly endless snake run. Skate parks are built with street skateboarders in mind much more than the 70’s and 80’s mainly due to the amount of kids who skate street over transition or vert. Skateboarding tends to go in cycles, however. We tend to look back a few decades every now and then for some refreshment. The drainage canal at Rabalder Park in Roskilde, Denmark, has to be the coolest drainage canal on the planet. There isn’t much competition, but regardless, this is an ingenius piece of architecture and makes me wonder, “why hasn’t anyone else thought of this?” What started as a basic drainage project is now arguably one of the coolest looking parks Denmark has to offer.

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Photo courtesy of Wired.com