Adam Taylor at Bold Ride


The Matador by Jack Links Bold Ride event happened earlier this week in Lake Tahoe, and though the resorts have all shut down, a crew of athletes, photographers and writers trekked into the wilderness to enjoy a few days in the mountains. Everyone met up at the Cutthroat Saloon at the Tahoe Hyatt Regency for dinner and drinks garnished with Matador snack sticks. Introductions were made and the scene was set for an early morning departure to the Truckee River for a day of class IV whitewater rafting. Adam Taylor has been heating up megaramps and vert walls lately, so he took the opportunity to take a break and cool off in the icy waters along the California-Nevada border. Always one to bring it on, Adam jumped on his raftmates shoulders shortly after the launch to form a floating pyramid, and things only got more exciting from there. Matador was offering up big prizes for bold moves, so boats were boarded and occupants were overthrown. Somehow, the only thing that couldn