All 80’s All Day Video

All 80’s All Day Goes Off

Last saturday we held a celebration of 80’s skateboarding at Quiksilver. Some of the era’s best, and well known pros came out in support and participation of that day. Dave Duncan was on the mic , Eddie Ratteugi built (and won) the course. Legendary teamrider Christian Hosoi was there to skate and destroy .. With flare to boot along with the other Quiksilver squad – Alex Olson, Omar Hassan and Reese Forbes. Other pros included Steve Olson ( Alex’s dad and 80’s pro) Sal Barbier, Dylan Rieder, John Lucero, Scott Oster , Lance Mountain, and Natas Kaupas .

Everyone got into the theme by wearing 80’s inspired outfits !! 80’s music was pumping , the vibe was out and people were excited that someone finally paid tribute to this pivotal moment in skateboarding’s history.

The weather was amazing course off the charts the Bbq was firing (thanks to haydis) In the end. Eddie “the man” took home first with an inspiring run on his own course!! He worked all week banging the work out and then reaped the benefits … Big thanks and shout out to Eddie.

Alex O had an equally impressive run incorporating 80’s flavor whenever the moment arose. Reese forbes slid in 3rd with a run that can only be described as improvisational with practice ! Side note : long time best friend and quiksilver skateboarding mascot Dickie Muczenski took that moment to judge against me. Thanks Dickie !

Big thanks go out to Jamey beeson and everyone else at quik that came out to support a day that paid tribute to the amazing time in skateboarding when it was about having fun with your friends, and the stoke of just being out there!!!

Results of the ALL 80’s ALL day skate contest

1.Eddie Reategui 3,000
2. Alex Olson
3. Reese Forbes
4 Skreech
5. Sal Barbee
6.Josh Borden
7.Christian Hosoi
8. Omar Hassan
9.Adam Dyet
10 Brian Patch
11. Chris Hamrock
12. Dylan Rieder