Fiberops for Altamont

The new Fiberops for Altamont collection is a chopped and screwed fully custom kit, driven by one classic, greased up American powerhouse, otherwise known as Alyasha Owerka-Moore. Raised in Brooklyn, his professional career spanning from San Diego to Hong Kong, Alyasha varied geographical background is as diverse as his ethnic makeup and cultural interests. For the Altamont / Fiberops collaboration, Alyasha opted for a sophisticated and subtle approach to quality cut-n-sew garments with classic appeal. Altamont is honored to present Aly’s contribution to the Fall 2008 collection through this extremely limited collaboration.

The Fiberops for Altamont collection consists of a Garage Jacket, Mohair Sweater, Hoody, T-Shirt and Pro-Tex Blue Jean.

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