1. Rob Maatman
2. Adrien Bulard
3. Woody Hoogendyk
4. David Loy
5. Ruben Rodrigues
6. Madars Apse
7. Tim Zom
8. Reini Rietsch
9. Chris Gregson
10. Dylan Perry
11 Robbin Oost
12 Collin Provost

Best trick:

1. Lukas Danek, switch hardflip backside lipslide over the rainbow ledge
2. Ruben Rodrigues Backside double flip bank to bank 3m60 pyramid
3. Madars Apse, smithgrind flip out on the rainbow ledge
4. Sewa Kroetkov, 360 flip noseslide on the hubba
5. Yannick Schall, bs noseblunt on the hubba and flip front tail 270 out on the hubba.