And Another Thing | Jimmy Carlin

Are You Experienced?

A lot of people think that I was on drugs, but I wasn’t even wasted in that Jimmy Carlin Experience video on Blackbox’s site. I was probably one beer deep. We were driving to San Francisco to go to that Wallenberg contest for Cole. I fell asleep and Gilbert kept drawing whiskers on my face, or pretending to, and kept making cat noises. I kept waking up and telling him to stop. He kept to it and I kept getting mad, so I was like, “Gilbert, if you do that again I’m going to punch you in the stomach. Gilbert, if you do that again I’m going to punch you in the face!” Finally, he did it so many times that I was like, “All right, time to bum everybody out!” So I got naked and was like, “Everybody put on techno! I’m getting naked.” I had my ass cheeks on the chairs and stuff like that. I started dancing, and the response was everybody got all excited and started dancing too. I was like, “F**k it.” Then they were like, “Let’s put shit on you!” I didn’t give a shit anymore, so they drew all over me. It went from me trying to bum people out to us all having a great time.

Slanted and Enchanted

I don’t like when my board just goes straight. I like it when it turns backside a little bit, so I’ll slant my front truck to the right and the back truck to the left as I’m looking at it backwards. I hate when it turns frontside because it seems like the pressure’s going against the board.

Skater Bros

It’s pretty fun having a brother that skates. Now that we’re living together, I get to see him way more. His schedule is a lot busier than mine in a different way. He does a lot of schoolwork. He’s a smart kid. An advantage is that he has a bag of tricks that’s really weird. A lot of tricks I can do regular, he can do switch and vice versa. We’ll always play SKATE together and it’s pretty fun. He’s getting pretty good; I’m psyched. He’s fun to skate with. He’ll go out and film legit tricks on a cell phone. He doesn’t even care.

The Wind-Chester

The Wind-Chester is basically where you take your fist and, you know that little whole right underneath the ribs, you punch that area and it just knocks the wind out of you. Corey Duffel just tried to give me one right now, but it hit my right nipple. He’ll use it against me if I even bring it up. He just hit me and made me spill coffee all over my pants. They are now ruined for the day.

Jump Rope Hero

I used to be an amateur jump roper before I started skating. I used to travel around the U.S. and compete with it. I started skating, so I was doing both a while and the coach wasn’t really feeling it, so I got to the point where I wanted to do my own thing. There’s a lot more things you can do with skating. There are jump rope tricks, but there aren’t really that many. I ended up making up a trick and I was only 10 at the time.

Chief Tricks

I only had eight months to film for my Mystery part I shared with Gilbert Crockett, and a lot of the other dudes were already caught up. Jamie was always really motivated to film and helped me out a lot. I thought it was pretty cool. I was thinking he was going to expect me to do these gnarly rail tricks, but he was just, like, “Ah yeah, try to get like one rail trick. I got a six-stair you can skate.” I was pretty hyped on that. Like, this guy skates pretty big-ass rails and he was psyched that I was going to skate this six-stair rail. He’s pretty well rounded in his mind of what people are capable of. He’s good at knowing how to motivate you.

Ain’t No Mystery

I think this is the third year I’ve been on Mystery. Jamie got my tape and started flowing me stuff. I just worked in the [Black Box] warehouse and stayed at the park a lot. Got to know the guys and skate with them a bunch and stuff just starting working out from there.

District 9

We’re on this tour and I really wanted to see this movie, so we went and saw it and right when it ended, Corey looked at me and said, “I freaking hated that movie,” and had his fist up like he wanted to hit me and I was like, “It was just a movie!” Yesterday we were trying to learn noseblunts on this bank and he was getting all competitive, so I said that if I learned them first he had to say, “District 9 rules.” It ended up happening, so he had to stand at the bottom of the park and say it, all defeated. Then he got up and did three in a row and yelled, “District 9 sucks!”