Andrew Reynolds Wins Maloof DC

How Andrew Reynolds Won $160,000 in Maloof Money Cup Washington DC from Skatepark of Tampa on Vimeo.

Another Maloof Money Cup has come and gone and similar to the results of Maloof NYC in which Dennis Busenitz walked away with a first place win, not a lot of people can bee too bummed about the results this go around. Andrew Reynolds restated why he puts the capital B in the Bawse by sodomizing the concrete with his patented fs flips, shifty flips, and just overall calm, quiet, killing demeanor that has launched him into the highest echelon of respected professional skateboarders today.

Real Skateboards’ Ishod Wair once again proved his mettle and walked away with a big fat W in the amateur series.

Maloof DC Am Contest and Pro Finals 2011 from Skatepark of Tampa on Vimeo.

As always, Skatepark of Tampa supplies high grade coverage of the event as seen above and at their site.

For a more in depth breakdown of the Maloof DC events, Andrew Cannon has an official ESPN report HERE. Otherwise, we’d just like to send a big congratulations to Reynolds and Ishod and everyone that walked away with a good time logged in the memory bank, especially if there was a little more jingle in your pocket to help that out.

Pro Results:
1. Andrew Reynolds
2. Ronnie Creager
3. Bastien Salabanzi
4. Manny Santiago
5. Jack Curtin
6. Greg Lutzka
7. Bobby Worrest
8. Tom Asta
9. Justin Figueroa aka Figgy
10. Vincent Alvarez

Am Results:
1. Ishod Wair
2. Matt Berger
3. Trevor Colden
4. Kyle Walker
5. Kevin Romar
6. Alec Majerus
7. Connor Champion
8. Mark Suciu
9. Micky Papa
10. Gilbert Crockett