Appleyard and Rowley Quit Active

Citing ethical differences, Flip pros Geoff Rowley and Mark Appleyard quit Active Mail Order yesterday. The two sent out email blasts within minutes of each other.

Rowley’s Email:

“As of immediately, I am no longer able to endorse Active mail order as a team rider. Differences of opinion and direction have been a problem for quite some time and I am quitting for my own ethical reasons. I will be concentrating my focus on my main sponsors, and working with them to support the bigger picture of skateboarding as a whole.”

Appleyard’s Email:

“I quit Active today due to some disagreements, and I no longer feel I can support them as an endorsed rider. I hope they will move forward and support skateboarding in a positive and fair way for the good of everyone, and in this I wish them the best of luck.”