Arto’s Pool

Arto’s Pool from Gravis Footwear on Vimeo.

From the birth of his backyard pool to it in its present shreddable state, here’s a video from Gravis Footwear with Arto Saari documenting the journey.

I believe Arto got a hold of his Flip Skateboards teammate and skate legend, Lance Mountain to design the pool for him. Judging by the amount of coverage Arto’s been getting in it, it’s a safe assumption that the design was a hit.

In this video, there’s Arto and Lance ripping around along with some of Arto’s homies (Christian Hosoi, Dylan Rieder, Mark Oblow, Ben Nordberg, Andrew Langi, etc.)and Gravis teammates. Then there’s backyard bowl jam bbq footage on top of it all. More than worth a watch. Aim high and work hard kids and you might be able to have one of these in your backyard one day.