asmith photo: Mikey Taylor Century City Rail

Words and Photos: Aaron Smith

I’ve always wanted to shoot a photo at this spot. After seeing photos like Matt Bennett’s Toy Machine Ad, I knew this place would be epic to shoot at. I was out with Mikey back in December and we were getting kicked out of everywhere this day and nothing was working out. Towards the end of the day Mikey was on a business call in his car so without checking with him I just headed to this rail. Mikey got out and said he had always wanted to skate this rail but he has always gotten kicked out in a matter of minutes. So I figured we would just try it and worst case we got the boot.

After about 10 minutes it started to look like we could skate this thing. Mikey began throwing his board at the rail and then once he realized we might not get kicked out he started really going for it. As everyone knows Mikey likes to bet. He told me I had to grind the rail if he landed the trick on a certain try. Turns out he did. I was hyped but not hyped to try to skate this thing. Luckily we got kicked out shortly after.

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