asmith photos: Austyn Gillette

Words and Photos: Aaron Smith

Here’s some photos of my good friend Austyn Gillette. These would have been in his interview a few issues back but we shot them a little to late too squeeze them in. Luckily Habitat stepped up and used them in come catalogs. The pictures below are from the first time I had ever met and gone out skating with Austyn. He got all of these in 2 days. Pretty insane!

This was the first photo we shot together. Austyn and I were out with Jason Hernandez who knows just about every spot in California. This bump over bar shouldn’t be a spot. The bump is not big enough to really get over this huge pole. Austyn was able to backside flip it twice. Side note for you photographers; this was one of maybe two or three photos I have ever shot at f2.8. It was hard to get the right focus but very happy with the results.

We’ll just go chronologically for this post. This was the second photo I shot of Austyn. He did this frontside noseslide pop over to fakie fairly easy. He battled it for a little but when he landed it he made it look easy. I enjoy going out with Austyn because he’s pretty laid back and has a lot of fun when he’s skating. That’s always a nice environment to be in.

This is the third and final photo I shot of Austyn over the weekend we were skating. This frontboard is insane! I can understand how Elijah Berle feebled it but frontboard is a whole different story. This one took him awhile and I honestly thought he was over it but somehow, out of no where, he landed it.

Here’s another angle of the frontboard.

Last but not least here’s the sequence of the frontboard. This was shot by my occasional intern/assistant Derek Patrick

Overall, Austyn Gillette kills it. Check back next Friday for more photos.

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