asmith photos: Bert Wootton

Words and Photos: Aaron Smith

I’ve known Bert for a long time now. When he use to live in Florida and I lived in Atlanta, he would come up and skate a few times a year. I’m stoked to see how far he’s come in skating. He just got a Who’s Hot in our newest issue. Although, we spelled his last name wrong :(. So I’m going to try to make it up to him and make this post all about him. Here’s some photos we got while shooting for the Who’s Hot.

The first thing we shot was this backlip. Just him and I met up at the rail and he did it a few different times. Once we got a good photo the day was over. I was back home by 3PM. Not a bad day.

Mr. Wootton.

This is so insane! Bert is so good at these kind of things. He ollied up on the block and then ollied down the set pretty easy. He tried it again for a fisheye angel and broke his board. I love the way this dude skates.

Check out Bert’s Cosmic Vomit parts:

Check back next Friday for more photos.