asmith photos: Copenhagen Ring of Fire Extras

Words and Photos: Aaron Smith

The majority of this month I have spent in Europe. We did a little trip in the beginning for 15 days with a rad group of dudes. Then I traveled to Copenhagen to cover the contest. First off, Copenhagen is amazing! I would recommend anyone to go. Second off, the Copenhagen Pro contest are so sick! I’m so bummed that this will be the final one. Here’s a bunch of photos from the Ring of Fire night.

Everything began while the sun was going down. People started warming up by skating over this trashcan. Reynolds frontside shifty flip.


Someone tried to have Reynolds sign this life-size posted of him. All he did was punch the poster (himself) in the face a few times and went back to skating. It was pretty funny to watch.

Austyn Gillette frontside 360. Without those camera lights, you probably wouldn’t be able to see him. So thank you fisheye filmers!

Reynolds kickflip melon.

Tommy Fynn big ol kickflip.

Austyn Gillette frontside heelflip. I caught our other photographer Mehring‘s flash. Kinda funny we work for the same magazine and happened to shoot the a photo at the same exact time. That’s 1 in 500th of a chance that would happen. Pretty cool I think.

Austyn Gillette backside flip with Arto’s flashes popping in the background. This time I lowered to 1/60 of a shutter speed to I could catch his flash.

Sun is going down and the show’s about to start. It’s about 10PM when I shot this. It stays light out for so long.

Then Johnny Cash’s ‘Ring of Fire’ started playing and a big marching group with a gun with a flame gun looking thing headed towards the ring.

And it begins.

Fire with all those iPhones.

And it’s fully lit. The crowed cheers.

I don’t remember who the first person to land something through the ring but Ishod’s 180 happened pretty fast. The fire explosion in the background really helps pop him out and fill the photo with light. I wish that fire was going all the time.

Reynolds ollied through the ring first try with a sandwich in his hand and a bit in his mouth. Pretty sick.

I love this bail! So sketchy.

Ishod high ISO frontside flip. See what I mean without the fire explosion in the background.

Evan Smith boneless through the fire.

Shortly after this, a HUGE wind spurt pretty much blew all the fire out on the ring. Once that happened it was pretty much over. Still so amazing to witness! Thanks Copenhagen for one of the sickest contest ever!

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