asmith photos: Dallas Rockvam

Words and Photos: Aaron Smith

While I was in Amsterdam last weekend I was fortunate enough to see my good buddy Dallas Rockvam. I meet him back in 2009 while he was living in Atlanta for a short period of time. Dallas is a super nice and sincere guy. He recently became a married man and is living over in Germany. While seeing him this past weekend I remembered some photos I shot of him over 3 years ago. I also did an interview with him back in 2010 for my personal blog. Check them all out below.

-[Interview from 2009]Where in the world in Dallas Lee Rockvam?
I’m currently in Berlin, Germany with some Finnish friends and staying at the Habitat house. Marius Syvanen hooked it up. Today I’m driving to Poland! Then so on…

-What have you been up to since you left the States?
I left March 12, 2010 and went to Barcelona where I was just skating and enjoying life. I got a girlfriend, lovely Maria [who is now his wife], and stayed there for about two and a half months. Then I went up to Latvia for a Red Bull trip even though I don’t skate for them. Madars Apse hooked that up. Then I went to Maria’s home in Austria, which is on a beautiful farm then made it to Finland then friends took me through Sweden and Denmark then Germany.

Nollie Shove It

-When you thinking about coming back to the US?
I’m not sure, maybe for Christmas. It’s kind of expensive just to go and visit and there’s always the possibility of having to stay because I’m over my visa now. So I’m really not sure. I want to get to Africa and Asia sometime.

-What made you want to get up and move across the pond?
Why not? Ha. Wanting to just see places I’ve never been and meet people and skate all over, maybe learn about some cultures and some language. It’s nice to just be somewhere where you don’t speak the language and have to try and get around. You meet some people who help you and are friends for the rest of your life.

Nollie half Cab

-Back to America, where did you grow up and what made you move to California?

I grew up in Sioux City, Iowa. I miss it there and all my friends. My friend Chris Trieber moved out to California first and then my other friend Jedediah Edwards. They got me to move out there as well. I’m not sure if I would have moved if they didn’t get me hyped on it. Thanks, guys!

-You’ve always been down for skateboarding and down to just skate. Even when Element was pushing you one way but also giving you a pretty good paycheck, you decided to separate from them. Why did you do that and is it a decision that you would make again?
I quit because I was not into how they were making the video, This Is My Element, and three months before I quit they were threatening to kick me off because I didn’t want to wear Element shoes and did not have the most footage. So I skated the shoes and went and got some good footage and quit beacause of the video and was getting over it. Also I’m a little hard headed sometimes. I don’t think I would do it again. I think I would just be happy with the gift I was given and express myself better as to what I like and be more a part of it. We are all still friends and they hook me up with boards if I need them so that’s nice.

Bluntslide to Backlip

-What are your current plans?
Just living. Going on a Antiz trip in August so see what’s up with that, collect cans and bottles in Finland. You know, just living and skating. Good times!

-Besides skateboarding what else to you spend your time doing?
I make postcards for some friends and read a bit when I find something good. Cook here and there, drink some whiskey or some wine and sit around in a park.

Boardslide Pop Out

-How did you like living on Chris Thiessen’s floor in Atlanta?
It was a good time, making pancakes all day and skating and going to the river with Venner. Seeing Chris Triber, Rhett Freeman and Ryan Fitch about was cool too.

-What are your plans for the rest of the day?
Well, I’ll make a PB&J which Euros think it’s quite an odd sandwich, then take a shower, pack some goods in the car and drive with the Suomi friends through sketchy Poland and stay in Warsaw.


Check back next Friday for more photos.