asmith photos: Daniel Lutheran

Words and Photos: Aaron Smith

This week’s blog is all about our newest cover boy Daniel Lutheran. I could tell you about how great this guy is and how positive he always is but I know you’ve heard it all before. His upbeat personality is well known in skateboarding and along with his undeniable skills it’s helped land him on some of the top brands of today. So I’ll stick with just showing you the photos on this one, because after all, that’s what you’re really after anyway, right?

This is one of those famous Long Beach spots. Although it’s no where near as good as Belmont. Dan Lu 180 nosegrind before getting the boot from the neighbors.

Collin Provost, Dan Lu and Drew Lu post sesh.

This is a really steep rail in Long Beach that’s almost always a bust. You have to run up and start jumping right when you get there. Dan lipslid it no problem.

Right after Dan Smith grinded it.

This spot is at a hotel in Long Beach. The owners of the place were not happy with us skating. Dan only got to warm up with this ollie.

This is a pretty gnarly spot. The rail is right up next to this fence and the whole spot is pretty narrow. Any mistake and it could mean really bad news. Dan got away unscathed with this crook.

The definition of bro style.

This was the first photo I shot of Daniel when we and a few other dudes from Toy Machine took a trip to Kansas City. This rail is called the Berra Rail which got it’s name from when he backside 50-50ed it in The End. Daniel took the Smith grind through the kink.

Mr. Lutheran.

I’ll end this post with this ollie over to front crook. Good stuff Dan Lu!!