asmith photos: David Gonzalez

Words and Photos: Aaron Smith

I started skating with David Gonzalez a few month ago while he was filming for his recent video part. He is insane to say the least. Here are just two tricks he got in the first few days. Look forward to some big things from him in the next year!

There are so many things about this impossible 50-50 that are crazy. With the ride up, cracks, the hubba its self and when David ripped open a scar on his ankle from his recent surgery. All these things would make any normal skater give up. David doesn’t give up.

Here’s the first photo I shot of David. He told me about think kink rail he wanted to grind in Long Beach. This rail is one of those spots where you always see but it’s too ganrly for anyone to skate. David did it once and then tried it again and sacked. He is gnarly.

Check back next Friday for more photos.