asmith photos: DGK in Atlanta

Words and Photos: Aaron Smith

While I was finishing college in Atlanta during 2009 I was able to shoot with Rodrigo Lima and Dwayne Fagundes from DGK. Seeing that their video Parental Advisory just came out I thought this was a relevant time to post these. Below are some photos.

I’m not real sure what happened to Rodrigo Lima but that guy is good.

Dwayne kickflip frontnose while filming a line.

Brad Rosado got his lens smashed.

Rodrigo hardflip over the can.

Rodrigo nollie bluntslide to fakie.

Rodrigo nollie varial flip over the bar.

Dwayne nollie cab over the bar.

Rodrigo bump to backsmith.

Dwayne bump to frontnose.

Rodrigo nollie backtail this super high ledge.

Rodrigo nollie backtail on another day.

Check back next Friday for more photos.