asmith photos: Free Ride – Part 1

Words and Photos: Aaron Smith

You know the saying “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is?” Well Monster Energy was able to disprove that. Back in May, Monster hit us (Skateboarder Magazine) up and told us they were driving their multi-millon dollar bus from California to Kansas City for the first stop of Street League. This bus includes two lounges, large flat screen TVs, satellite television, wi-fi, marble floors, luxury couches, 8 bunks with personal TVs, a full bathroom, a kitchen and more I’m sure I’m forgetting about. Monster simply offered us the fully equipped bus, gas included, for us fill it with some of our bros (no Monster affiliation required). The best part was that Monster would even provide a driver to take us where ever we want to go. Surprisingly enough, there was no catch. We would sleep in the luxury bus (which just got done driving the Guns N Roses around the US) and Monster would pay for everyone’s plane ticket back home. So naturally we said “Yes!” and off we were to Kansas City with some bros. WATCH THE VIDEO.

Here is part one of a whole bunch of photos we got while out on the road.

We past this abandoned water park on the way to Vegas. Don and Dakota had been to this spot on an ESWIC trip so we turned the big bus around and went down some gravel roads to get to it. Here’s Taylor Smith checking out the slide rail.

Dakota Servold.

Jordan Taylor exploring around for other things to skate.

Nick Zizzo loving the trip.

Ryan Spencer grinding down the slide.

Jordan slamming on the slide.

A slam wont stop Jordan from grinding this slide with his shirt half off.

Taylor sliding a lipslide around the slide.

Taylor wallie 50-50.

Jordan at the first wet spot in Denver.

Nick nosegrind. No rain is going to stop this kid from shredding.

Jordan boardslide shove.

Ryan boardslide bigspin.

Taylor frontside feeble.

Taylor frontside feeble 180 is under three tries. The kid is on another level.

Back in a lap of luxury heading to Kansas City.

Check back next Friday for more photos.