asmith photos: Mikey Taylor

Words and Photos: Aaron Smith

In light of Mikey Taylor’s DC Rediscover part coming out, I thought this would be a good time for me to dig through the archives and find some photos I’ve shot of him over the years. I’ll get right to it chronologically. Side note: some of these you may have already seen in a previous blog post.

This photo of Mikey doing a backsmith in Kansas City was the first time I had ever skated with him. I was in KC during the summer of 2009. Mikey and Davis Torgerson, both on Etnies at the time, were in town hanging out with Malto and filming.

During that stint in KC we skated this rail in the River Market area of Kansas City. Here’s Mikey warming up on a nollie noseslide.

I remember Mikey just got back from a trip or an injury so he wasn’t really on his A game. He was giving it a try though. Sometimes bails photos are just as great as makes.

Mikey was able to get this nollie crook. I’m pretty sure this was the first one he had done down a rail in a while. Mikey is a great guy to skate with for many reason. First, he’s almost always smiling and having a good time. If he happens to get upset, which everyone does, he apologizes shortly after and the smile returns. Second, he makes these great bets where he’ll end up buying you beer or food because he didn’t land something.

Mikey switch crooked this out rail in Lawrence, Kansas very easily. It was one of those things where you get to a spot and just want to do something basic on it just to have skated it. He does that with a switch crook.

The next time I went out and shot with Mikey was almost two years later. From June 2009 to May of 2011. I had seen him a handful of times at parks or parties but we never got out skating. Lots of things had changed in his life during that time. He got married and got on DC. He called me up and I met him at this school yard in LA. Mikey warmed up with a backside 50-50 on the bank to rail.

Mikey came to this spot to get this switch front crook to regular which was in his DC part. It did take him a little while to get it but he battled through the difficulty and nailed it. Below are some outtakes from this photo.

This time I met Mikey at a college where he got some front crook lines in.

Mikey front crooks while Chris Ray follows closely behind.

Later on we went to another school and Mikey and Mike Mo spent some time bondoing a crack for Mike Mo to skate.

All that time and energy went to waste when Chris Ray rolled over the wet bondo.

Not to worry, Mob Grip came and saved the day.

I’ll end this post with two recent portraits I took during our most recent time skating together.

I leave you with Mikey’s signature smile.

Check back next Friday for some more photos.