asmith photos: Nick Garcia

Words and Photos: Aaron Smith

I’m taking a slight break from my previous Kansas City post to follow up with the Nick Garcia buzz. The kid deserves it! Did you see his video part!? Anyways, I went out with Nick Garcia and lots of other Long Beach/Element homies and this park in San Pedro was our first stop. Everyone else was rolling around the parking lot and maybe doing a few kick turns in the park to get their legs warmed up but Nick was going for it. Although his “going for it” is really just him skating. He’s got that speed and style that makes pros jealous. Hell, it makes me jealous and I don’t even skate for a living. Here’s some photos of Nick “warming up” in San Pedro.

This was the first photo I shot while he was cruising around. I really liked how the light was just on the section he was grinding. The background however is not my favorite.

Here’s another angle of the backsmith. I love these under the bridge DIY parks. There’s no other “skate park” where skaters can actually film and shoot legit photos. If you’ve ever tried to skate one, you know why.

It’s pretty insane to be able to backside noseblunt this quarter pipe. It’s even more insane when you’re doing it in a line like Nick was. Kids these days…

Here’s a closer up photo of the backside noseblunt with Angel Ramirez’s dog in the background.

Nick did this backtail nose grab thing in a line. I think he started with a backsmith on the quarter pipe right by his head, then maybe a frontside ollie somewhere, then this. I think he also launched out to the backtail. Honestly, I don’t fully remember. I do remember thinking it was really cool. I was probably more focused on little man to the left. He was sick. He even skated with a sucker in his mouth. Pretty ballsy if you ask me.

Nick checking the footage while little man keeps shredding. It looks like the kid is thinking, “chhh is that all you got!?”

Nick checks Mark Stewart’s angles. Hopefully this line will make it in the Element video.

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Don’t worry KC homies. You all will be back up on the site next Friday!