asmith photos: One Day with Nyjah Huston

Words and Photos: Aaron Smith

Back in November of last year I hit the streets with Nyjah Huston a few times and always returned home with something gnarly. We were sort of shooting for a cover (Saying you want to shoot a cover is always weird because it hardly happens that way). The cover did however happen but only after he did these bangers a few days before. Sometimes you start skating with people because you hear they are “on fire” at the moment. I heard that about Nyjah and then realized that’s just the way he is. I don’t know if I want him to be better than he already is. That would be too insane!

This gap to rail somewhere in Azuza area has been around for years. I remember Cairo Foster gap to nosegrinded it back in 2003 and Fabrizio Santos gap to backlipped it in some video I can’t recall. Anyways, it’s starting to get skated again. After Figgy nollie 50-50d it in his Bake and Destroy part people began hitting it again. Nyjah told me he wanted to do a certain trick, that will go unnamed, and lucky for me I heard about someone else (who will be unnamed) doing a similar trick but a better version of it. I threw out the gap to backside noseblunt thinking he probably could do it but knowing it would be super scary. He wrote back on the text nonchalantly “yea I’m down”.

When we got there, Nyjah rolled around a little then started sliding gap to backside lipslides. If anyone one has been to this spot then you know the hallway is super narrow. Shooting fisheye is pretty damn scary. Chris Ray and I hopped in there and hoped Nyjah wouldn’t bail his board into our cameras. When he first tried backside noseblunt he didn’t seem scared at all. He did it super quick too. What’s crazier than the trick itself was the amount of the rail he slid. He got on the very-very top of the second part of the rail. Fucking crazy!

Monster Energy recently bought this photo. You can see it and more over on their website.

After the gap to backside noseblunt, we went over to the school with this hubba and the rail he nosegrinded for our previous cover. It was getting dark and honestly I didn’t think anyone would be trying to skate this thing. Nyjah started throwing nollie heels at the hubba and soon enough rolled away from a nollie heel frontnose just before dark. Who the hell is able to do these two tricks in the same day!?

You can see this sequence at Nyjah’s newest Ricta ad.