asmith photos: Pretty Sweet Sean Malto

Words and Photos: Aaron Smith

Seeing that Pretty Sweet is premiering tonight in LA, I thought I’d post up some photos of my long time homie Sean Malto. Here’s just a few of many. Can’t wait to see his part!

Malto infront of my window in Long Beach.

Malto nosegrind a bowl in Kansas.

Sean backside noseblunt in Montreal.

Malto nollie 50-50 warm up in Atlanta.

The 4×5 Polaroid from the portrait at the top.

Malto switch frontside flip over the rail and into the bank in Montreal. This is one of the very few tricks I’ve seen Sean struggle with. He pulled through like a champ though. Pretty sure this will be in the video tonight.

That’s all for this week. Check back next Friday for more photos. And keep posted this weekend for photos from the Pretty Sweet premier.