asmith photos: Random Group of Skate Flicks

Words and Photos: Aaron Smith

This weeks blog is full of skate flicks that don’t really have anything in common with each other. Just plain and simple skate photos. Enjoy.

Lizard King bluntslide.

Clark Hassler warming up with a bump to smith grind while Jason Hernandez photo bombs.

Here is the real bump to smith grind from Clark.

Nick Merlino front board down a steep rail in Long Beach.

All around good guy Michael O’Toole backside 50-50 all the way to the end followed by a hill bomb.

John Fitzgerald smith grind against the wall and around the turn.

Marquis Preston bump to backside overcrook just in time before we got kicked out.

Matt Bennett boardslide through the kinker.

Moose lipslide in San Pedro.

Alec Jamir backside overcrook up against the wall.

Alec Jamir frontboard both hubba and rail.

That’s it for this weeks blog. Check back next Friday for more photos.