asmith photos: San Pedro Gap to Ledge

Word and Photos: Aaron Smith

It’s funny, sometimes in skateboarding things get repeated. I went to this gap to ledge in San Pedro with Jordan Taylor and some fellas awhile back. Jordan ended up 5-0ing it. I sat on the photo for a little for some reason. A few months later my friend Josh Murphy told me he wanted to backside 5-0 it. I was obviously down and shot the photo a little differently.

The funny part is the month after I shot the photo of Josh both Brixton, Jordan’s clothing sponsor, and Comune, Josh’s clothing sponsor, hit me up wanting to buy the photos for ads. Unfortunately they didn’t end up running in the same issue, which would have been really funny.

Sometimes in skateboarding people do really similar shit that happens to come out really close to one another. And sometimes the same photographer shot it.