asmith photos: Shotgun Rail

Words and Photos: Aaron Smith

I’ve been going to this shotgun rail for over a year now. Every time I go someone does something more crazy than the last time I went. Even though the rail is split down the middle and it’s possible to have the worst slam of your life on it, it’s still a really good rail. Here’s almost everything I’ve shot on this guy.


First was Andrew Elliot redoing a bluntslide for a photo. I thought this was insane when he did it. He did it super easy too.


Mikey Taylor followed Andrew up with a noseblunt. I thought this would be a scary one to try but Mikey hoped on it right away. Check the footage HERE.


We went back to this rail after we all learned Nick Garcia did the noseblunt the day after Mikey did. This was the first time I’ve ever seen anyone skate it nollie. Mikey warms up with a nollie grind.


This was a scary one. Mikey was a little nervous to try this nollie frontboard. After one slightly weird try, he did it on his second attempt. Pretty impressive.


Josh Murphy followed Mikey up with a halfcab boardslide. I think he may have been the first one to skate it fakie.


This might be the craziest trick I’ve shot down this, or just in general. Who the hell switch hurricanes a rail like this!? Jake Olson does I guess. That kid is so good.


Last but certainly not least is new Toy Machine am Jeremy Leabres doing a fakie backlip. I remember this being pretty scary but once he figured it out he did it so good.

Check back next Friday for more photos.