asmith Photos: Some Street League Pros

Words and Photos: Aaron Smith

Since I am currently in Kansas City covering Street League, I figured this week’s blog should be photos of a few pros I have had the privilege of shooting that are in the contest this weekend. Wish I had photos of everyone but these are the four dudes I currently shoot with.

Of course there’s Sean Malto is my collection. He’s doing a backlip to gap in this photo.

Mikey Taylor is another guy I have the pleasure of knowing and shooting with. I really enjoy going out with this guy. He’s doing a switch front crook to regular in this photo. The guy’s about to be a daddy! Congrats again Taylor family!!

Mike Mo is one of those dudes I never would have guessed I’d photograph. He’s the man. Here he is nollie half Cab heelflipping this set somewhere in California.

Last but certainly not least, Austyn Gillette. Can’t wait to see him skate this weekend. The guy is amazing. He’s backside flipping this bump over pole in this photo. He was able to do it twice. Pretty crazy.

That’s it for this week. More photos coming next Friday.