asmith photos: Stefan Janoski

Words and Photos: Aaron Smith

I don’t know about the rest of you but Stefan has been one of my favorite skaters since I picked up a board. When I got the call from Jason Hernandez to come out a photograph Stefan while he was in LA I jumped at the opportunity. Here’s 4 photos he got in 3 days.

This was the first photo I shot of Stefan. I showed up at this ditch a little late and walked up seeing him try this switch wallride to front crook. I freaked out a little and ran to set my stuff up. He did it a few tries later. This is another one of the many trick I’ve seen in my life where I honestly have no idea how the person did it.

Stefan did this switch wallride to crook afterwards as an after thought. I don’t know who would do this just for fun. That’s how good he is.

Jason Hernandez and Stefan, power couple.

The next day we went out to this barrier spot. I don’t think anyone has skated this switch. Stefan isn’t one of those dudes who just skates switch because he can get away with “basic” trick. He’s an all around guy. I just happen to photograph all switch tricks. Here’s Stefan doing a switch nosegrind.

Last but not least we went to this bump over can on Stefan’s final day. He messed around with a few different tricks but switch backside 180 ended up working the best. I love tricks like these. They are for sure hard but it’s over something that we all grew up skating; a bump over something. So when you see it, it kind of brings you back to when you were a kid. Oh nostalgia…

That’s it for this weeks post. You can see almost all these photos on the Nike SB website. Check back next Friday for more photos.