asmith photos: StereoxWeSC Arizona Roadtrip PT 1

Words and Photos: Aaron Smith

I went on my first official Skateboarder Magazine trip back in February. I wasn’t working for Skateboarder yet so I guess this was my trial run. A van excursion to Tempe, AZ was about the easiest “warm up” trial trip you could do with leaving the state. I was really excited to go. I had been to Arizona a few times before and let’s be honest, it’s not the most exotic place you could travel to but it was a start. Pushing aside the excitement about my first real trip, going with the Stereo and WeSC team was a big added bonus. When I was younger and was still “trying to be a pro skater” I had always wanted to send my tape to Stereo. It’s strange how tables turn. This trip was a trail run in all sense of the word. It was a trail for me as well as a trail for the Stereo team who had just added a few more riders and had a new team manager at the reins. So taking everything into consideration, Tempe, Arizona was the perfect place to give everyone a shot.

On every skate trip there is always soccer played. Especially with a European like Benny Fairfax. Benny couldn’t get the ball past Raymond Molinar however.

Raymond couldn’t get the ball past Benny either.

Christian Maalof was our tour guide and is also really really good at ollieing stuff. Case and point.

Benny at one of many Arizona ditches.

Benny getting warmed up with an ollie.

It was such an honor being on a trip with Ray Barbee. He’s an amazing human being!

Ray on the move.

Ray 360 flip on the bank.

Chris Pastras on the move.

Chris boneless.

Raymond frontside flip over the pyramid from behind.

Raymond could switch backtail this bank every try.

Raymond getting another backtail for Clint. #darfin

Christian blasting a big kickflip on the bank.

Tommy Fynn backside noseblunt with some mountains in the background.

Tempe, Arizona.

Ray Barbee at Randy Colvin’s friend’s house that had lots to skate.


Alex Schmidt.

Christian frontside ollie in an Arizona neighborhood.

Christian and Donald.

Jack Sabback taking a run in the pool.

The pup wasn’t too happy with Jack.

He was happy for the most part however.

Chris frontside 5-0.

Ray 360 flip to fakie.

Check back next Friday for more photos from the trip.

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