ASmith Photos: StereoxWesc Arizona Roadtrip PT 2

Words and Photos: Aaron Smith

I went on my first official Skateboarder Magazine trip back in February. I wasn’t working for Skateboarder yet so I guess this was my trial run. A van excursion to Tempe, AZ was about the easiest “warm up” trial trip you could do with leaving the state. I was really excited to go. I had been to Arizona a few times before and let’s be honest, it’s not the most exotic place you could travel to but it was a start. Pushing aside the excitement about my first real trip, going with the Stereo and WeSC team was a big added bonus. When I was younger and was still “trying to be a pro skater” I had always wanted to send my tape to Stereo. It’s strange how tables turn. This trip was a trail run in all sense of the word. It was a trail for me as well as a trail for the Stereo team who had just added a few more riders and had a new team manager at the reins. So taking everything into consideration, Tempe, Arizona was the perfect place to give everyone a shot.

Check out the trip VIDEO if you haven’t already.

Ray Barbee doin what he loves to do.

Ray Barbee.

Raymond Molinar.

Clint Peterson.

Clint Peterson.

Christian Maalouf.

Eli Reed.

Eli Reed.

Kyle Leeper putting on sun screen.

Alex Schmidt.

Alex gap to tailslide.

Alex kickflip to tailslide over the gap. The fisheye angle of this was in the mag.

Alex varial heelflip.

Steven Snyder fakie flip.

Clint Peterson first try backside 360. I don’t think he even ollied the double set. Clint watched everyone skate and randomly jumped up, looked at the set and back 3’d it first try.

A frame from Tommy Fynn trying a trick before we were kicked out. I think this could be a pretty good Stereo ad because you can read it so clearly on the board.

Jack Sabback being a team player and dragging the cooler close to a quarter mile through the ditch to the spot.

The whole gang, plus a few we picked up along the way. (From top left to bottom right) Steven Webb, Mark Spencer (Filmer), Christian Maalouf, Tommy Fynn, Raymond Molinar, Benny Fairfax, Alex Schmidt, Clint Peterson, Eli Reed, (Bottom left) Random Homeless Guy, Kyle Leeper, Chris Pastras, John Sullivan (Stereo Team Manager), Steven Synder, Jack Sabback and Ray Barbee.

Head over to the trip feature to watched the VIDEO, look a some INSTAGRAMS from the trip as well as a CAPTION CONTEST.

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