asmith photos: Stevie Perez

Words and Photos: Aaron Smith

Stevie Perez has been killing it lately. He’s currently filming for Pretty Sweet which will be his first major video part. Having you’re debut part in the same video as Guy Mariano and Marc Johnson must be a crazy feeling. I don’t think he’s sweating it though. Here’s some photos I’m got of him in the past year or so.

This was the first photo I shot of Stevie. This is rail comes out of an apartment complex in LA somewhere. Some guy was trying to kick us out (nothing new) but he become more interested in watching than trying to be a hero. Stevie did this nosegrind pretty easy.

After the nosegrind we checked out this spot. We arrived towards the end of the day and Stevie really was not wanting to jump down this thing. Somehow both Cody Green and I were able to convince him to start jumping.

I tried shooting this 50-50 ollie fisheye at first but really didn’t like the butt to face ratio I was getting.

I switched to this angle and Stevie landed it just a few tries later. This was actually one of the last éS ads. Felt very honored but also very sad to gotten it.

This photo of a 5-0 to gap was used for Stevie’s Tuesday 25.

This might be the first nollie halfcab crook Stevie had ever done down a rail. He checked this one off the list in Kansas City.

While we were in Kansas City we checked out this ledge one night. I had my friend Jlo shoot the bluntslide pop out sequence while I shot the still below.

Stevie getting blunted.

Also while we were in Kansas City we skated the emphasis McCrank rail. Stevie handled this smithgrind pop out over the stairs with no real problem at all. Ty Evans is in the foreground filming.

I had my buddy Rod shoot this sequence while I took the still. Smithgrind pop out over the stairs.

Stevie smithgrind pop out over the stairs. We ran this photo a few issues back.

That’s it for this weeks blog. Check back next Friday for more photos.