asmith photos: That White Rail In Long Beach

Words and Photos: Aaron Smith

I’m going to go out there an assume that everywhere there is skateboarding in the world they all have those spots that get hit again and again. There’s absolutely no exception here in Southern California. I mean, why waist a good thing? Well, actually there are lots of reasons not to blow out a spot with going there again and again but I wont get into that. This week’s post is all about this white rail in Long Beach. I’m not an expert on it’s history but I’m pretty sure it had been there for awhile but was tall and mellow so there for no one really skated it. Somehow people started realizing “oh wait I can skate this thing” and went to town on it. Here’s only a few tricks I documented before it became a bust like it is now.

Here’s Johnny Layton doing a front feeble at dust on this white rail. No real interesting story about this photo. I do how ever love shooting at this time but what photographer doesn’t?

This one is of Marquis Preston doing a nosegrind. He had already done this before but wanted to shoot it differently. This mission was kinda funny because we met Marquis at this spot and he did the following two tricks and then left because apparently he had a girl waiting for him at his house. Pretty cool.

Marquis did this smith grind 180 in just a few tries after the nosegrind. He’s good.

This is the last time I shot at this white rail and for good reason. Ryan Spencer wanted to go to this rail one day. While warming up at Cherry Park it really seemed like he was having an off day which is never good when you’re about to skate a tall mellow rail. We arrived at the rail and Ryan warmed up and started jumping on it. He front boarded the rail pretty easily but when he tried a 50-50 it was a whole different story. Somehow he didn’t get on top of the rail and came crashing down onto his face. He broke out a few teeth on the ground and had to get a few gnarly operation on his mouth afterwards. I am glad to see him still ripping and not letting this slam get the best of him. Let that be a lesson to you kids!

Check back next Friday for more photos.

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