asmith photos: Vince Duran & Derek Fukuhara

Words and Photos: Aaron Smith

For those that don’t know Vince and Derek they are a great example of “brothers from different mothers”. I’ve seen these two together more times than I’ve seen them separately. Vince and Derek were one of the first people I met when I moved to California and subsequently one of the first people I shot photos of. Both of them are actually great photographers themselves. Vince now lives in San Fransisco. I’m going to be honest, when I heard he was moving to SF without Derek the plot from Super Bad came to mind where both good friends struggle to accept their inevitable solo future. They are handling the separation pretty well I think.

This was one of the first photos I shot when I moved to California. Derek is backside 50-50 this wall rail and into a bank in downtown LA.

Vince got his back with a crook.

Here’s one I found while combing through my files of Vince warming up doing a front crook to fakie.

Vince front blunt transfer.

Vince bump to front nose.

Derek in his room.

Derek front shove crooks.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone doing this trick let alone down a hand rail. That’s how good Derek is. Frontside bigspin noseslide bigspin.

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