Atlas Skateboard Store Opening

After months of preparation, Atlas Skateboard Store is open for business! After the closings of DLXSM and Environment skate shop, longtime Bay Area skaters Mike Manidis and Ryen Motzek saw a need for shop that would service and nuture the skate scene of San Mateo and they have answered that call.

The new shop is owned and operated by real skaters that put their hearts and souls into this endeavor. You’re just as likely to catch Manidis and Motzek sessioning the Shoreview park as you are to find them behind the counter. Manidis is a former New Deal team rider and the current Camp Director of the world-famous Element Skatecamp of Visalia California. Motzek is also a Skatecamp alum and will switch crook anything set in front of him. These two are excited to bring you the best shop the area has ever seen and will be there to serrve you for years to come.
Check out for more info. Stop in and say hey to the fellas.