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Back to the Banks 2007
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Back to the Banks 2007
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For Immediate Release – August 02, 2007

Back to the Banks 2007
Emerica and 5boro present Back to the Banks

Lake Forest, CA – Emerica and 5boro Skateboards, along with event sponsors Spitfire, Volcom, Independent, Red Bull and Skateboarder Magazine, are proud to announce that on Saturday, August 11, 2007, the Back to the Banks contest will once again take over the Brooklyn Banks in New York.

Believing in the “Do it yourself” ethic, Steve Rodriguez from 5boro Skateboards, tirelessly spent hours on end with the City of New York officials to save the Brooklyn Banks when they were slated for destruction. At the time, New York wanted to make room for a new city park that would be filled with tetherball courts and other random obstacles that would never be used. Through his endless efforts, Steve was able to save the banks for good. Emerica truly believes in empowering skateboarders to take matters in their own hands. The Emerica team is proud to stand behind Steve and his beliefs, and offer their continued support to the only street contest that is held at a natural terrain skateboard spot.

Top professional and amateur skateboarders from all over the world will descend upon the Brooklyn Banks for a day of shredding in a best trick contest in four areas: bank to ledge, bank to wall, 10 stair handrail and the kicker. Last year, over 1500 skateboarders came to witness the gnar, and this year will be even bigger with thousands of dollars in loot to be awarded to each section’s winner, along with an overall winner for the day. Come out for a fun day of skateboarding and to witness mind-blowing tricks from every skater in attendance.