Baker’ “Insensitive” Skateboard Graphic Backlash

Words: Christian Senrud (who does not necessarily speak for the entire staff of Skateboarder Magazine)
Baker Skateboards, an equal opportunity employer, is hurting some feelings with one of the Nuge’s most recent pro-model board graphics and matching T-shirt title “The Gooks of Hazzard.” The design features Don Nguyen and Daniel Shimizu as a parody of the classic Dukes of Hazard. It has the general “Ri” instead of the General Lee and features Nuge and Shmeez as a couple of “Good Orr” boys. I personally love it and think it’s hilarious, and another stamp in skateboarding’s thick book of pissing on the delicate sensibilities of the norm, but the Asian American Justice Center finds it offensive. How odd.

You can read TMZ’s story here about the matter, but I just want to thank Baker Boys for continuing to come out with hilarious board graphics when more and more often things are getting stale, stagnant and boring.